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Mushroom Gummies

Discover a deliciously safe and reliable way to enjoy the Amanita Muscaria “magic mushroom” with our chewy watermelon mushroom gummies. Infused with fully decarboxylated muscimol extract, which contains 0% ibotenic acid, these gummies ensure that you experience all the amazing psychoactive properties of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms without any unwanted side effects.

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Amanita Hats

We take great care in sourcing our mushrooms, selecting only perfectly ripe and fresh Grade A Hats. Once they are harvested, we use a carefully controlled process to dehydrate them at 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 days. This process helps detoxify the mushrooms and eliminate any potential negative effects while ensuring they retain their psychoactive properties. Our Grade A Hats have a distinct nutty flavor, making them a delight to enjoy straight out of the bag.

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Handcrafted on

Canadas West Coast

Despite our rapidly expanding product line, we are still inspired every day to continue our research and development of the latest, handmade mushroom remedies.

Crafted Locally

Our Fly Amanita mushrooms are harvested in Eastern Europe and shipped here to Canadas West Coast where we craft them into the line of products we offer

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